Del Barber – Live At The Five Prairie Giants

Del Barber: Live At The Five Prairie Giants is a performance documentary that combines fine music and intelligent conversation. Del Barber and his band perform live in one of five grain elevators designated a Canadian national historic site.
Airing on MTS On Demand
Produced By Farpoint Films

Hunt For The I-5 Killer, Opening Title Sequence

Some screen grabs from the title sequence I created for Showcase’s “The Hunt for The I-5 Killer.” Shot on Canon 5dMkll with 100mm Macro.

I shot the whole thing in the dining room of my hotel. Road map, movie blood and a tonne of light. Thank you Sutton Place.

Last Moments Of Life


The right place at the right time. I filmed this on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the Cabin. Edited and uploaded that night, then awoke the next day to 47,000 views on Vimeo!! Very exciting and humbling at the same time.

Wavy Gravy


Making 2000 Frames per second where there should only be 60.  Usually the characteristic of a camera in the $100,000 and above price range,  I was trying to make extreme slow motion with a $1,500 DSLR. Much thanks to my buddy Matt for doing the skating.

It was very cool to see this video spread on the web.  It was definitely the first taste of worldwide attention my videos had ever received.  Almost 60,000 Views and 1,500 Likes.   Also featured on various camera and skateboarding blogs such as: